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Factors for Success for Transitioning

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Factors for Success for Transitioning

Factors to consider to ensure successful transition processes:

National vision and leadership

This is essential to ensure ownership of the process and the results. This leadership should also form part of the oversight of the transition process, along with other key stakeholders.

Political context and priorities

Be responsive to the context and gain consensus on the capacity development and transition interventions using evidence-based approaches.

Facilitated participatory process

A participatory process helps to engage stakeholders and partners in conducting evidence-based assessments, prioritised action planning and agreeing measurable milestones.

Clear process

Early identification of the national entity should take place, and clear timelines should be set for capacity development planning, implementation and transition of the grant management role. (we need to keep the link here to capacity development process)

Set up of new programme management structure

Putting new implementation structures and arrangements in place early, with clear roles and responsibilities, and recruiting, training and retaining key positions in the national entity will support a smooth transition.

Defining realistic schedules for transition or handover

Transition timing should be guided by defined capacity development milestones within an agreed timeline. The timing of any transition will vary, with a longer period of support likely to be needed for procurement of health products including medicines and laboratory diagnostics. It can help to use a phased approach to transition to mitigate risk, develop resilient programmes and sustain life saving services.

Stage the transition or handover

Transition is most effective when done gradually. Dividing the plan into stages and naming the stages can be helpful (e.g., ‘Meeting the challenge’, ‘Measuring improvements’, ‘Targets achieved’, and ‘Sustainable results’).

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