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UNDP, working in partnership with national government and the Global Fund, has provided HIV testing and counselling for 714,000 people and treatment for 32,000 smear positive TB patients.

Key results - HIV

After years of civil war, South Sudan faces the tremendous costs of rehabilitating health-related services and reconstructing health infrastructure. As Principal Recipient for Global Fund grants in South Sudan, UNDP has administered six rounds of funding since 2004, delivering an average of US $25 million per year. Read more...
UNDP has been principal recipient of Global Fund HIV grants since 2004. Over the past few years there has been a notable increase in the number of people enrolled on ART reaching over 25,000, covering an estimated 13% of people living with HIV. The current funding cycle (2018-2020) aims to address issues of high defaulting of treatment and low follow up rates that are contributing to low coverage as well as continuing to expand prevention and treatment for key affected populations, notably clients of sex workers, children born to infected mothers and men and women involved in casual sexual relationships.

714,000 counselling and testing encounters for HIV

Source: UNDP

23,000 people currently on antiretroviral therapy (2017)

Source: UNDP

68% retention on ART 12 months after starting treatment (2016)

Source: UNAIDS

Key results - TB

UNDP managed TB grants have supported human resource development in clinical TB management, microscopy, and monitoring and evaluation, and provides 102 TB facilities in the country with medications, laboratory equipment, and other medical supplies. Read more...
The current grant (2018-2020) is focused on TB care and prevention, TB/HIV collaborative interventions and strengthening MDR-TB activities. UNDP also managed the Global Fund malaria grant between 2004 and 2010, which focused on preventing the disease among women of child-bearing age and children under age 5.

TB case detection rate (2016)

Source: World Health Organization

32,000 TB cases detected and treated

Source: UNDP

Treatment success rate for new cases of TB (2015)

Source: World Health Organization

Maternal Mortality

Source: World Health Organization

Infant mortality

Source: World Health Organization