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Results / Africa / Mali

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UNDP, working in partnership with the Global Fund and national partners, has put 68,300 people on treatment for HIV, contributing to the 22,000 deaths averted through ART since 2006.

Key results - HIV

In Mali, with UNDP support, the Global Fund’s HIV prevention and treatment programme successfully resumed in November 2012. The UNDP-managed Global Fund grant for HIV promoted an integrated and decentralized approach to community-based health care, targeting key high-risk populations. It intensified efforts to reduce the risk of HIV transmission from mother to child by prioritizing systematic voluntary HIV screening.

42,100 people currently on ART (2017)

Source: UNDP

76% retention of people on ART 12 months after commencing treatment (2016)

Source: UNAIDS

22,000 deaths averted through ART (2006-2016)

Source: UNAIDS

HIV-positive TB patients on Antiretroviral Therapy

Source: World Health Organization

Maternal and infant mortality

Source: World Health Organization