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Achieving impact through implementation support




In Zimbabwe, 1.1 million people living with HIV are currently receiving treatment as of end-2017. Zimbabwe has seen one of the sharpest declines in HIV prevalence in Southern Africa, with a reduction in the number of new cases of HIV between 2000 and 2016.

New cases of HIV and people currently on ART in Zimbabwe

Source: UNAIDS

Strengthening HIV, TB and Malaria responses through capacity development



Promoting rights and reaching key populations through policy change

Africa Regional Grant


In Malawi, legal support provided through the grant resulted in a landmark ruling on the overly broad criminalization of HIV transmission and exposure.

The ruling is important for tackling discrimination against people living with HIV in Malawi, supporting the right to a fair trial for vulnerable people and setting a precedent on the human rights violations caused by the criminalization of HIV. In another case in Malawi, legal support helped overturn a ruling for sex workers, who had been wrongly convicted due to a misinterpretation of legislation about living on the earnings of sex work.