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Programme Management for Health

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Programme Management for Health

Effective Programme Management aims to deliver health services that are safe, accessible, high quality, people-centred, and integrated to ensure universal health coverage.

Health service delivery systems should consider the whole spectrum of care from promotion and prevention to diagnostic, rehabilitation and palliative care, as well all levels of care (eg: hospital and home care) in order to provide integrated health services.

Resilient and sustainable systems for health focuses on the need to support countries in moving towards universal health coverage, through improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their health service delivery systems.

Framework for Effective Programme Management

1Assess the best models for service delivery based on national plans and stakeholder dialogue
2Ensure that enough health workers are trained and motivated to meet countries' needs
3Collect and analyse relevant reliable data to inform decision making
4Guarantee essential medicines and other health technologies are safe, effective and affordable
5Budget and monitor expenditure
6Manage and support other implementing partners
7Relate programme achievements back to national health strategies and plans to ensure the optimal use of available country resources
Stakeholder    involvement

UNDP's offer

UNDP supports the development of strong programme management through the entire life cycle of the programme to ensure:
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  • The relevant design of programmes (based on gap analysis and needs assessment).
  • That appropriate country policies are followed.
  • That key stakeholders are involved.
  • That appropriate management and governance structures exist.
  • That information is gathered and analysed to inform decision making.
  • That programmes are designed to be rigorous in delivering quality results against a plan, but sufficiently flexible for continued renewal of focus and adaptation to change.

Programme management in line with human rights principles

Effective and efficient programme management should ensure that programme planning and implementation respect the underlying principles of equality and non-discrimination, in order to achieve Universal Health Coverage. Activities should be implemented in such a way that all those in need of information and services can access them irrespective of age, gender, social status and sexual orientation.

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