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PSM - Qquantification

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Quantification is the process of estimating the quantities of health products required for a health program or service for a given period. It refers to the step determining the “right” quantities of health products to be procured for ensuring uninterrupted supply.

The results of a quantification exercise help program managers to:

  • Identify the funding needs and gaps for procurement of the required commodities
  • Leverage the sources, amounts, and timing of funding commitments to maximize the use of available resources
  • Advocate for additional resources, when needed
  • Develop a supply plan to coordinate procurements and shipment delivery schedules to ensure a continuous supply of commodities

Source: The Supply Chain Manager’s Handbook, John Snow, Inc., 2017

UNDP's support

Support for quantification exercises of health products for Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV is provided to country teams and national counterparts in all Global Fund supported countries. Standardized quantification tools, developed by partners, are used for forecasting of needs for medicines, diagnostics and laboratory items for the three diseases.
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Afghanistan, Angola, Burundi, Djibouti, Kyrgyzstan, Sao Tomé and Principe, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Zimbabwe are among the countries being supported. In Zimbabwe, national committees for the quantification of medicines and laboratory products have been established by the Ministry of Health and Child Care to develop and sustain the in-country quantification process for health products.

UNDP's offer

For countries supported within the Global Fund architecture, strengthening of quantification processes is a key element to ensure that the right quantities of health products are procured.
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Quantification/forecasting support is provided to other countries, by mobilizing partners with quantification expertise or directly by including this need in the service level agreement with UNDP.


WHO has developed a practical manual for the quantification of medicines.

For additional reading on quantifications principles, systems and methods, the following guidance is proposed: