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Real-time vaccine logistics data with eVIN to improve immunization coverage: the India experience

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Real-time vaccine logistics data with eVIN to improve immunization coverage

the India experience

In 2015, India launched eVIN, or the electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network, an easy to use smartphone and cloud-based technology that enables efficient management of vaccine supply chain using real-time data until the last-mile.

The project implemented by UNDP, in partnership with the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, with financial support of Gavi-the Vaccine Alliance, has successfully digitised vaccine stocks and storage temperatures across 10,500 vaccine cold chain points, in 12 states of India. At present, the roll-out is under way in 9 more states and union territories. The plan is to implement this electronic Logistic Management Information System (eLMIS) across all 27,000 vaccine storage points in all 36 states and union territories of India by 2019.

Transforming the immunization supply chain: the India story

Scale of eVIN implementation in India
What eVIN has achieved so far (as of February 2018)

Short videos about eVIN

Smarter vaccine management, stronger health systems: the experience of India

An 8-minute video that explains how eVIN works and how India has adopted this technology across the entire vaccine supply chain to strengthen the country’s immunization programme.

eVIN in India

A 2-minute video where a health worker and a high-level official in India explain the change that eVIN brought to their work and to the Indian immunisation programme.

Improving Efficiency of Vaccination Systems in Multiple States

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