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Evaluating the Capacity Development Plan - Capacity Development Process

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Evaluating the Capacity Development Plan

Evaluation of capacity development interventions can inform the direction for the next phase of capacity development activities.

Evaluation is the collection of information about a programme and its outcomes, that assesses its success and analyses lessons learnt. Evaluation studies provide information for use in improving programmes and enabling managers to make informed decisions and plan strategically for the future, both during implementation (mid-term review), and after implementation (end of programme review).

UNDP's Offer

UNDP carries out both informal reviews and formal evaluations of capacity development plans and supports processes to inform learning and next steps, such as planning for follow on activities.

UNDP also develops case studies documenting capacity development processes over a number of years to show the changes in national health systems, such as improving Health Information Systems and strengthening procurement and supply chains in Zimbabwe.


1. Prepare for evaluation.

Confirm the scope and timing of the evaluation, organise documentation, and select the evaluation team.

2. Manage the evaluation.

Brief the evaluation team, review inception reports, and review evaluation draft reports.

3. Leverage evaluation results.

Present and disseminate the evaluation, share lessons, and ensure the findings are used in future planning.

Key considerations

The following points should be considered when evaluating a capacity development intervention.

Use existing data and information.

Evaluations should use information available from a variety of sources, such as reports from other donors on their support to programmes or organisations.

Integrate capacity development evaluations.

Conducting evaluations of capacity development initiatives are no different to carrying out any other evaluation. Therefore, where possible, capacity development evaluations should be integrated with programme evaluations.

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